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deep digital engineering is a digital enablement engine that is focused around building digital solutions for the engineering world. is focused around building composite solutions built to solve niche and specific engineering problems. We are focused to solving problems in Energy, Oil and Gas, Construction, Mining, Agriculture and HSE. provides digital engineering solutions using Deep Learning/ML/AI; IIOT/Industry 4.0 monitoring & management; Drones, Robotics and ROV based inspection and maintenance solutions; security, safety and monitoring.

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Deep Learning

Over the last few years, technology AI, ML, MV (Machine Vision) and Deep learning have enabled the industry to build significant amount of intelligence into solutions that require manual error and omission prone activities like visual inspections.

As AI/ML/Deep learning has evolved it is time for solutions that address many key Visual inspection engines by creating Machine Vision solutions that help speed up inspections and reduced risks both of operational failure and of human injury and error.

At, we have the expertise and the solutions that help deliver these solutions using deep learning and artificial intelligence. We have specific solutions that address this space:

  • Deep DIVE - a Deep learning based Digital Inspection Visual Engine. DIVE acts as a collaborative visual inspection tagging, annotating and reporting platform. Deep DIVE identifies and tags specific visual defects that are trained into the learning model like corrosion, cracks and deformation. The ability to detect these defects will keep expanding on a continuous basis.

  • Agri-graphy - bringing together visual inspection solutions that help solve targeted specific problems in the agricultural industry using our focus solutions like drones and AI/Deep Learning to solve scale based problems in the Agricultural activities. Working closely with partners and complimenting our own solutions we target to solve challenges like surveillance, land and crop analytics, and pest-control and reforestation.

IIOT /4.0

With IIOT and Industry 4.0 gaining a significant amount of traction in the last few years we see adoption of IIOT growing in the engineering industry. Assets that are critical to large infrastructure become critical to be continuously monitored so that appropriate action can be taken well before the the assets reaches a crisis mode.

It is towards such solutions that is building technology in this space. Embedding IIOT and Industry 4.0 solutions in the midst of key business processes like Asset Integrity Management so that both the operator of the asset and the service provider maintaining the asset have a continuous and near real-time view of the asset state, and take corrective action at the appropriate time and moment.

At, we (along with our partners) have the expertise and the components that help deliver these solutions. We integrate IOT sensors, with sensor integration platforms, with asset Integrity process solutions with deep learning and artificial intelligence. We have specific solutions that address this space:

  • CORALS: COmposite Repair Active Lifecycle System is an asset integrity solution that addresses the entire lifecycle of an asset that needs to go through the composite repair process and the monitoring and inspection of the asset post the repair: starting from raising a request to repair assessment, to design and application, testing, implementation and post implementation monitoring and audit tracking. It has an embedded document management to handle all entire lifecycle documents. CORALS uses IOT and RFID to track the asset through these lifecycles all the way till end of life.

  • HOME - HOse Management Engine is a cloud based hose ordering, order processing, testing, certification, implementation and post implementation monitoring and audit tracking. It has embedded document management to handle the entire lifecycle documentation. HOME uses IOT and RFID to track the asset through the lifecycle all the way to end of life.


DRONES and ROBOTICS are increasingly playing a mainstream function is some key industrial functions that have traditionally been human powered. Especially those function that are repetitive, hazardous, need close scrutiny, over a large scale or need faster processing with near real-time reaction.

In Industrial complexes, such inspection are vast and very common.'s DRONAR is designed to address these requirements seamless and autonomously so as to reduce human error and human fatigue in addressing these requirements in a timely and minimum erroneous manner.

DRONAR - is a drone based aerial surveillance system that helps keep a secure eye on a large surveillance area, using random flight paths and schedules, autonomous surveillance and identification and a near real time alert, workflow and tracking for action and response. This surveillance can be applied to :

  • Perimeter surveillance for using both day vision and night vision (thermal vision).

  • Identification of human, vehicular and animal/bird presence in large properties and agricultural land.


In the industrial world the key to effective and smooth functioning of the business is about having safe, healthy and fit staff that are executing critical functions in the overall business process. It is imperative that the most cutting edge of technology is used to make sure the staff and the environment stays safe and is monitored on a continuous basis. In this age of highly infectious and contagious illnesses it is imperative that

  • risks and threats are noticed and identified early

  • environments where high movement of workforce is deployed, minimise situations and places where multiple hands touch the surfaces

  • and monitor health and safety of workers to make sure the environment and their health is safe and secure. is working with partners to build and integrate touch-less solutions, monitoring solutions and wearables that will help deliver these HSE solutions.