Engineering Digital Transformation

At the end of second decade of the 21st century the global industry has reached a threshold of milestones if terms of technology adoption from the previous industrial revolutions, a many new revolutionary technologies are at the gateway of the next disruption for these industries.

While on the one hand technologies like Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud are bringing about enhancements and efficiencies to business and operations, on the other hand we have Robotics, Deep Learning, machine Learning/Vision and AI causing disruption to the traditional means of doing business.

As with all technologies the key success factor in its adoption is the ability to bring them all together to converge with the overall business goals and objective that are relevant to the business.

Ocean Atlantic international group, through " pte ltd" addresses this convergence and adoption of technology by leveraging the understanding and knowledge of key business functions and developing the necessary technologies to effectively address them.

The convergence of technologies around Industry 4.0 and how they converge to benefit specific solution goals for these segments like inspection, monitoring, surveillance, maintenance (especially hazardous) and risk mitigation, are our target solution.

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Our solutions are focused towards :